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Super Duper Beginners

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This course is perfect for those who want to discover the benefits of yoga but have limited experience with the practise. It is designed for the absolute beginner who feels less than confident in going to an in person class. These 4 classes, along with a bonus session on the use of props, will give you the foundational knowledge that you need to feel confident to step into either more online or in person Yoga classes. What you will learn: Lesson 1 - Teaches you how to listen to you body and align in different poses to keep you safe in your practise. Lesson 2 - We calm into the practise and learn to focus on the present moment Lesson 3 - In this lesson we find the calming action of match movement with breath Lesson 4 - Now we have some Yoga poses under our belt, we can join them together with the breath and find a flow to our practise. Props - A quick Guide - A bonus video looking at how props can be used to support our practise. I hope that you come to love this practise. It has so many benefits: increased flexibility and strength, it calms the mind and the nervous system which reduces stress, increases energy and enhances our overall well-being. Ready to start your yoga journey? Join me today! Remember to always listen to your body. If something hurts, causes pain or doesn't feel right then stop the practice or come back to a position that feels good.

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