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Free Classes

There are a selection of videos below, some are directly from the online classes that I teach. However, if you would like to explore a greater selection, then why not have a look at my YouTube Channel?


Just click on the image to take you in:


Hatha means 'Sun and Moon'. It is the balance between mind and body, between masculine and feminine. It is a gentle form of yoga that takes a slower pace. A perfect place for beginners to start.

Relax and De-stress

A 20 minute hatha class to relax the mind and the body. Spend some time moving and stretching, breathing and relaxing.

Back Release

A 20 minute hatha class to stretch, twist and release the back. Perfect if you have been on your feet or sitting at a desk all day. Some medicine for the spine.

Hip Release

A 20 minute hatha class designed to moved, lubricate and release tight hips. Tight hips can be caused simply by sitting too long - make your hips happy by taking 20 minutes to do this class.

Loose Legs and Happy Hips

A taster of a live session. 50 minutes with a focus on loosening the legs and releasing tension from the hips. 

Relax and Calm

A taster of a live session. 45 minutes with a focus on relaxing and calming the mind as well as the body.

Twist and Detox

A taster of a live session. 50 minutes with a focus on gentle twisting moves to massage the internal organ which encourage detoxification.


Yin is the slowest form of yoga. However, although it is slow, it is intense! We come into a shape find 'the edge' of the pose and then hold in stillness for a number of minutes. 

The perfect practice to alleviate stress and tension, restore energy levels, improve flexibility and create space in the body.

Yin for the spine

Take this hour to move the spine in all 6 directions giving it time to relax and release. 

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