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My story

I first came across yoga about 20 years ago. I was a gym bunny at the time and doing yoga once a week meant that I was getting in the stretching that people said was important.

Fast forward a few years and I found a teacher I loved and yoga became more then just a stretch: I would leave a class feeling completely different. I couldn't explain it but it felt amazing and I was hooked! Now more knowledgeable, I know that this amazing feeling was due to the energy channels opening in my body, creating space.

Throughout this whole time I was, and still am, a primary school teacher. As I have got older, my yoga has evolved: I really enjoy slow, mindful practises that just give me time to stop and be. Day to day life can be super hectic: some days my back aches from hunching over tables; some days it's my knees from crouching or running up and down the stairs countless numbers of times; in report writing season it's my hips from sitting too much; most days its my monkey mind that just... won't ... stop! I have found yoga has an abundance of tools that helps with all these ailments. 

There have certainly been periods of time (I would love to say 'every day', but we are all only human, right?!) where I get up that bit earlier and start my day with a yoga practise and, my goodness, I can feel the difference on those days! In the past few years, I have very much used yoga as a way to manage stress and I have explored and learnt ways that is can be used to calm and reset the nervous system putting me back in control.  And the great thing is that it doesn't have to take an hour, it doesn't have to be in some fancy, expensive studio and it doesn't need loads of equipment. It can be a 5 minute stretch in your living room, it can be 2 minutes of calming breathing at your desk. It really is a practise that can be accessed by all and is almost guaranteed to make you feel better.

With all this knowledge and passion, I felt compelled to complete my Yoga Teacher Training and spread the word - we all have these tools at our fingertips! Just think about that - we can all access the power of yoga and you don't even need to leave your house to tap into it. 

You have nothing to lose and potentially everything to gain. So, give yourself a moment for you, to breathe, to let go, to listen. You absolutely deserve it. Let me guide you on a journey to a calmer you.

Annette xx

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