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I'm Annette - a passionate yoga teacher based in Kent.  I primarily teach online so wherever you are in the World we can practise yoga together! 


My style of yoga is slow and mindful - I love how yoga can open up space in the mind and body and be used to calm and reset the nervous system. I'd love to share these benefits with you.

Why online yoga?

There are many benefits to online yoga. 
The main one is that you can practise from home in a space that is familiar and comfortable to you. No need to travel anywhere, worry about where to park, who you will have to squish your mat in between, whether the space will be too hot or too cold... 
You can opt for a pre-recorded session and do it at a time that is convenient to you - there is no need to fit in with anyone else's schedule. 
Yoga should very much be a space of no judgement, however, not everyone is comfortable practising in front of other people. Online classes, whether they are live or pre-recorded, take all that pressure off.

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Practise Yoga with me

Why not do some of these free classes? There is also a link to my Youtube channel in here.

Free Classes and Tutorials


Fancy joining a live class?

Click on this link to see the classes and times on offer:

Live Classes



Maybe a weekly class isn't something you can commit to. In which case, one of these packages could be exactly what you need.


About me

I have practised yoga for a number of years and just love the feeling of space it creates in the mind and the body. It is amazing how just a ten minute sequence can be used to either energise or relax you.

I have found the practice of yoga a really powerful tool in combating stress and calming my nervous system. It opens the energy channels in the body making me feel happier and healthier. The feeling that yoga gives me compelled me to complete my yoga teacher training so I could share this knowledge with others and support people like you on their journey to a calmer, healthier life. I look forward sharing this with you.


"Annette is a wonderful Yoga teacher, I love her online classes. She makes me feel at ease and has a beautiful soul:) Since I have started her classes I have felt so more relaxed and calm. Would definitely recommend her to others!! xx "

Wendy, Lower Halstow, Kent.
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