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Welcome to Annette Friday Yoga.  I am a passionate Yoga teacher based in Kent. I teach gentle, mindful yoga in person and online so wherever you are in the world we can practise Yoga together!

I love how yoga can open up space in the mind and body and be used to calm and reset the nervous system. Let me share these benefits with you.

Why practise with me?

Yoga offers numerous benefits for the body and the mind. It enhances flexibility, strength and balance for the body while calming the mind, reducing stress, anxiety and depression. I love how it fosters a sense of inner peace and well-being.

My classes are slow and mindful. I give different options so all people of different levels are welcome. I like my Yoga classes to be accessible to anyone who wants to practise so whatever your physical condition come on in and find out how Yoga can benefit you either in-person or online.

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Practise Yoga with me

There are many ways you can practise Yoga with me: free, pre-recorded classes and tutorials; weekly live classes both in person and online as well as pre-recorded packages or a subscription to an online library.

Come on in and explore some more!

Why not do some of these free classes? There is also a link to my Youtube channel in here.

Free Classes and Tutorials


Fancy joining a live class?

Click on this link to see the classes and times on offer:

Live Classes



Maybe a weekly class isn't something you can commit to. In which case, one of these programs could be exactly what you need.


About me

I have practised yoga for a number of years and just love the feeling of space it creates in the mind and the body. It is amazing how just a ten minute sequence can be used to either energise or relax you.

I have found the practice of yoga a really powerful tool in combating stress and calming my nervous system. It opens the energy channels in the body making me feel happier and healthier. The feeling that yoga gives me compelled me to complete my yoga teacher training so I could share this knowledge with others and support people like you on their journey to a calmer, healthier life. I look forward sharing this with you.


After Annette did a session including exercises for creaky backs, my back was so much better! As was my hip which I was really happy about.​


June, Exmouth, Devon

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